Absinthe Van Gothen

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Name Absinthe Van Gothen
Race Human
Type Monster Hunter
Faction Free Willed, The Night Stalkers
Premiere Desideratum: Blood Bonds
Relative(s) Calis Van Gothen

Absinthe Van Gothen

"Killing vampires, hunting relics, and getting laid- ain’t life grand?"


Pre-Desideratum: Blood Bonds

Absinthe (also known as Abby or Abbie) has lived a turbulent life. Growing up, she gravitated towards the Punk and Goth scenes. The rest of the school cliques tended to see these groups as outcasts, and as such, Abby and her friends were often harassed by other students. Absinthe always had a fierce fire in her heart, and she did everything within her powers to defend those that could not, or would not, defend themselves.

Abby also studied music, and she can play a wide range of instruments, but her real joy is singing. The pain, anger, and passion that surges inside her only found a positive outlet through music. She started her own band called, Absinthe and Arsenic, of which she was the lead singer. They became popular in some circles, and looked to be rising to fame. However, one dark night, a nosferatu came for Absinthe and her world changed forever!

Desideratum: Blood Bonds

As seen in the novel, Desideratum: Blood Bonds, Absinthe "Abby" Van Gothen is a punk rock star. After a concert, she meets the nosferatu Brone Lorcan. She runs from the encounter, traveling into the woods. With the guidance of the vampire, Brone Lorcan, Absinthe obtained the Blood Suit. Nothing could kill Vlad, also known as Vlad Țepeș or Vlad the Impaler, and even the powerful Ivor bowed to the might of the King of Vampires! However, in the early 1800’s a man known as Calis Van Gothen went to war against the undead dwelling inside Europe. He defeated Vlad, yet also found that the legends saying the creature could not truly be killed, were, in fact, correct. The blood within Vlad's veins remained after his destruction, and that substance was hidden for over a century before Abby found the cursed artifact.

After she touched the blood, it coursed over her body, threatening to take her over- flesh and mind, yet she fought to maintain control, and with Brone Lorcan's aid, managed to hold the blood in check. It became a part of Absinthe, and flows like latex around her curvaceous body, able to shift into different forms when she wills it to! Yet, always, at the back of her mind, the call of Vlad echoes, attempting to seduce her towards evil- changing her from a Hunter into something cruel and unstoppable!

Slugs and Bugs: Invasion

In Slugs and Bugs: Invasion, a scene is available where Abby meets up with Justine Day in the sewers.


Abby is a buxom 23 year old. Abby has dyed hair, with a heavy clash of red and black.


  • Blood Suit
  • Physical Attacks


Blood Suit

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