The Night Stalkers

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The Night Stalkers

"Yeah, I know you guys go out and fight monsters, but there is a vampire lord, a big shot, Ivor, and I have it on good authority that he is planning something big."


The Night Stalkers are a free willed human faction, prevalent in Desideratum: Blood Bonds. They act as monster hunters. Their home base is an abandoned lot called Sanctuary. The group has as a whole joined the Bureau of Demonic Analysis.

Group Structure

The Night Stalkers coexist pretty well, without a defined social hierarchy. However, Roy McCoy seems to make the major decisions and grants guidance to the group, with Sani Lightfoot and Siri Solen providing spiritual and scientific insight, respectively.



Desideratum: Blood Bonds

In Desideratum: Blood Bonds, The Night Stalkers are a group of social misfits who all specialize in hunting certain types of monsters. Together, Absinthe Van Gothen takes down multiple monsters with them, before facing off against the vampire menace led by Ivor. Multiple members of the Night Stalkers will go on a monster hunt at some point in the game, of which Abby can join. In the final chapter, the Night Stalkers face off against an army of Nightbred attacking Sanctuary.