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The Physical World


The Physical World (sometimes referred to as the realm of the living or life realm) is the dimension most familiar to human’s whose bodies are still in the state we call “living”. This realm is made up of observable matter. It is in this place that absolute lifelessness (the Outer Darkness) and absolute life (Inner Light) collide. The lifeless matter and coursing energy in this realm is, by nature, inherently mindless. However, under the correct conditions, matter fuses with energy, creating the state known as life, creating organic matter. Living matter exists to reproduce and evolve. As it evolves upon a world, it may lead to ever-higher levels of consciousness via adaptations, mutations, and evolution. This leads to higher awareness and sentience of the energy inhabiting the organic matter. Ultimately, those minds will become complex enough to be self-aware. At this point, upon bodily death of organic matter, the consciousness that was created through the metamorphosis of living a life, will ascend or descend through frequencies based on its state of mind.

The more evil, twisted, or selfish a mind is, the more likely it is to be aligned on a frequency within the Outer Darkness. The more benevolent, altruistic and selfless a mind is, the more likely it is to be aligned on a frequency within the Inner Light. There is no trial or sentencing or judgment of the dead, because their deeds and behaviors, and state-of-minds, literally control their fates. A person’s behaviors and true spirit are a dial on a cosmic radio and it tunes the frequency naturally. Spirits can very easily move from higher frequencies downwards, but it takes hard work and dedicated realizations to move back up. In this way, some spirits will act as guardian angels or even return to the Physical World to reincarnate.

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