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Name Ophion
Race God
Type Snake
Faction Ophidian Demons
Premiere Slugs and Bugs: Invasion
Relative(s) None Applicable


"Yessss... Sssstand and see your God, sssslave!"


Ophion’s origins remained wrapped in mystery like a coiled snake’s skin. There have been traces of him found in prehistoric locations on the island now called Cyprus. Some speculate that he might be the remnant of a species that existed during the time of the dinosaurs, a sentient race of snake people, yet others think he must be a manifestation created by a prehistoric, primitive people that worshipped animals as gods. Wherever he comes from, Ophion menaces all of humanity. Though some data shows he existed in prehistoric times, he made another appearance in ancient Greece. His fangs drip with a poison that turns humans into snake creatures like him. They, in turn, can bite others, though the further away from Ophion’s original bite, the less reptilian and the more human the person remains.

In Greece, he began to conquer the land, and within months, much of Mesopotamia, belonged to him and his snake people. However, an unknown hero arose to face him, likely aided by mythical items from the gods, and he and his army managed to defeat the snake people, and reclaim the entire area for humanity. However, even the hero could not slay the Snake God, and a water deity called Eurynome, came to aid the champion, sealing Ophion into a type of egg. She then swam it to the bottom of the sea, a place so deep no mortal could have ever retrieved it. And, for millennia, he remained sealed in that egg, until Theodore Ravenhurst managed to, somehow, retrieve the Egg of Ophion, and he sealed it into a magical vault within Ravenhurst Manor.


Ophion takes the form of a serpentine humanoid, with a large, muscular body covered in scales. He has piercing blue eyes and long, snake-like fangs.


  • Godly Strength and Speed
  • Hypnotic Eyes
  • Claws
  • Conversion
  • Poisoning Fangs