Dagan Erebus

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Name Dagan Erebus
Race Undead
Type Phantom
Faction Haunted
Premiere Phantom: Revenge
Relative(s) None Applicable

Dagan Erebus

"Look, doll, just relax, and let it happen!"


Pre-Phantom: Revenge

Dagan Erebus was an infamous man, but he was not always so. He had been a construction worker for his adult life, and he lived with his girlfriend of several years, Trixie Goodwin. Honestly, Dagan enjoyed his life, and though he was not perfect, overall he was a decent human being, until he found an ancient grimoire of indescribable power. He stole it from a worksite and using translation programs, managed to decipher parts of it. Most of what he found scared him. He came across ancient, dark gods like Nergal, shadowy evil things like The Anax, but there was a spell that mentioned a demon that caught his eye- Aka Manah. The demon supposedly lorded over dark thoughts, and Dagan’s had become ever darker since finding the tome. Trixie had left him as his personality shifted from a nice person to a male chauvinist. She did not know what happened to the man she had once hoped to marry.

After being on his own, no one could stop his fall from grace. He erected the Erebus building, built a mafia empire, ran a cult dedicated to Aka Manah, and after cops arrested him, the state of New York found him guilty of an enormous list of crimes.

Phantom: Revenge

As seen in the novel, Phantom: Revenge, Dagan, with the help of the Codex Gigas mentioning Aka Manah, has a rise from power to head a mafia empire. The state executed him, even though the death penalty had been abolished from New York in 2007! The state felt his heinous offenses, warranted such punishment. They also did this as a deterrent for other people seeking such power.

Once Dagan’s body died, his soul, which he had sworn to Aka Manah, floated into the Outer Darkness. Bound to the evil demon, his spirit could not fight against the pull, and he beheld the terrible red-skinned creature! However, his lackeys, Doc and Weasel, had been told what to do upon his death, and while he tried stalling for time, the two inept minions managed to summon Dagan back into the physical world! Aka Manah swore revenge on The Phantom!

After returning to the Earth, Dagan went for the D.A. that had seen him arrested, tried, sentenced, and executed- Amelia Williams. He found her, and before the sun rose, Dagan insinuated his own spirit into hers. He slowly corrupted the hapless woman from the inside out, and when he finished, she was a shadow of her former self. She helped him build a new criminal empire and a cult devoted to him as a type of god. Dagan currently haunts the ruins of the church where Doc and Weasel first summoned him. However, he has lost his grimoire. Enraged and distrustful, Dagan had Doc and Weasel detained and tortured, but they both remained steadfast that the book had been locked inside a safe that was inside a larger one.

Dagan finally acquiesced, and allowed the two to go after Doc mentioned a woman named The Librarian had come to him, and told him to give her the book or she would take it from him because, ‘It no longer has an owner, for Dagan died.’ Erebus had a memory of the woman with glowing eyes, and he knew she managed to magically steal the tome. Amelia helps Dagan search for the book while bringing women to the church to be inducted into the Daganian slavery through his possession and mental corruption. These new cultists also constantly seek out the grimoire for their master, and Dagan will jump at any opportunity to get his prized possession back!


Dagan starts normal enough. But upon his death, he takes the form of a spectral phantom. With his possessions, his appearance constantly changes.


  • Incorporeality
  • Possession

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