Trixie Goodwin

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Name Trixie Goodwin
Race Human
Type Heroine
Faction Free Willed
Premiere Giggle Night: Trixie's Trial
Relative(s) None Applicable

Trixie Goodwin

"Silly Giggler, Trix isn't for you... no, really, I'm not!"


Giggle Night: Trixie's Trial

As seen in the novel, Giggle Night: Trixie's Trial, Trixie has to fight off the villian, The Giggler. The ex-fiancée of the infamous Dagan Erebus, Trixie is a happy, good-natured jokester. Trix is often quick with wit and always happy to make someone smile! She worked very hard in college to become a registered nurse, and landed a great job at New York Presbyterian, working the night shifts. After a few years, she definitely has a handle on her profession. She can juggle several tasks with ease, and she has deep empathy for her patients making her a favorite among them. She was once engaged, only a few years ago, to Dagan Erebus. At the time, he was a construction worker, and the pair laughed and joked together. Though she had no idea at the time, he had found an ancient grimoire, and the foulness of the book warped him. Whereas before the pair laughed together, now she often went to bed alone and crying. Trixie worried that he was on drugs, and often told him to seek counseling, but he scoffed. Eventually, he became so self-centered and cruel that, heartbroken, Trix called off the wedding, and the pair went their separate ways.

A few months ago, the police arrested Dagan Erebus, and Trixie could not believe her eyes! As she stared at the television, Maria Esposito with WABC 7 Eyewitness News, released details of the trial, publicizing the strange and impossible facts of the case. Trix learned that Dagan had led some type of demonic cult. He had assaulted more than a hundred women, and though the nightly legal pundits would argue the validity of the claims- Dagan apparently used magic to enslave them to his will! This was not the man Trixie loved at all! He changed into a corrupt and cruel version of himself. He even led a criminal syndicate! Grieving, Trixie stopped watching and focused on her career. Yet, recently, she had been having dreams of Dagan somehow possessing her. She saw herself twisted, like the women in the news story, and when she saw the state executed Dagan Erebus only two weeks ago, the dreams about him have grown only stronger. As if this bizarre occurrence was not enough for the happy woman to contend with, The Giggler assaulted New York City, and they transported his victims to her hospital. Now, Doctor Hannah Weston charged Trixie with protecting a special serum from The Giggler, himself!


Trixie is most commonly is seen as a blonde heroine, wearing a costume of blue and red and a blue mask to cover her identity.


None Known

Notes and Trivia

Giggle Night will be one of the next novels that American author Brandon Somerville writes after his Patreon investors vote.