Brone Lorcan

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Name Brone Lorcan
Race Undead
Type Nosferatu
Faction Nightbred
Premiere Desideratum: Blood Bonds
Relative(s) None Applicable

Brone Lorcan

"I'm Brone Lorcan, a nosferatu and a broken man."


Pre-Desideratum: Blood Bonds

Originally, Brone Lorcan lived in the verdant green land around his home town of Skibbereen. However, in the mid 1800’s blight came through Ireland, and Skibbereen was no exception. Brone’s crops withered and died, and the loss of life during the Great Famine wrought horrors upon his soul. It was not easy to leave his home, but with a heavy heart, he left Ireland for the United States. Once he arrived, he tried to make money doing difficult work, though they paid him very little. Until, one day, he happened upon a wealthy couple from his native land- William and Margaret O’Reilly. They could not hire him, but they did try to find him a job in a house called Ravenhurst Manor, and Brone succeeded in his employment!

Desideratum: Blood Bonds

As seen in the novel, Desideratum: Blood Bonds, Brone is discovered to be a hard working immigrant in America. He ends up serving Anaximanes Ravenhurst, before tragedy strikes. After Ivor changed Brone into a nosferatu, at the behest of Eleanora Blackwood, Brone has had to serve them both as a lackey. He wallows in misery and longs for death, yet fears what might await him on the other side. He watched as Ivor built an undead empire under Oregon, and even had to help his evil master in Las Vegas to rid Ivor of a pesky detective named Walter Riley. Brone saw that the soul he chased was the very same man he had known before, William O’Reilly had been born as Walter Riley, and managed to find his soul mate again, Margaret who was now Clover. Brone could not kill this man, for he owed that soul much from his early history, and so he spared Walter, and returned Clover to a delighted Ivor.

Since that time, Brone has watched over Clover and tried to find a way to defeat Ivor. Then he learned that Eleanora scried some impending doom! Ivor had systematically killed or turned the family of the vampire hunter, Calis Van Gothen, and killed Abe in Wakefield, thus severing the Van Gothen line from history- or so he thought! However, the man had impregnated a woman named Ms. Colette earlier that very day. Colette gave the child the last name of his father, and so the line continued! Brone learned that a girl in Portland held the power to destroy Ivor, and the vampire lord did not risk his own neck- sending Brone instead to face and kill this possible vampire hunter. Brone had his own plans! He found Absinthe Van Gothen- but did not kill her. Instead, he intends to help her become strong enough defeat his undead master, Ivor!

The Anax: Call of the Cursed One

Serving the lord of the house, Anaximanes Ravenhurst, turned out to be one of the better times of his life. He learned to read and write, how to follow etiquette, and became friends with his employer. Brone did all he could to give Eliza Day the perfect wedding, but tragedy struck! The years went by, and he watched Anax devolve into little more than a lunatic. Eventually, a mob hanged Ravenhurst, and Brone fled to the west, making his way to Portland, Oregon. There he toiled at the docks doing heavy, hard work, until one dark night when the vampire lord, Ivor came to claim him!


As a human, Brone was Irish, had a casual demeanor, and respectful air about him. As a nosferatu, he has become more gangly. He has piercing yellow eyes, sharp teeth and claws, and a gray, cracked head.


  • Unholy Strength and Speed
  • Shape-shifting
  • Keen Intellect

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