Evelyn Addams

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Evelyn Addams

"I talk to the dead..."


The Anax: Call of the Cursed One

Eve does not remember much from her childhood, but she recalls her grandparents. When her grandfather passed away, she remembered him coming into her room and they chatted long into the night. The rest of the family cried and ached with his physical absence, yet she did not, and that caused her parents great concern. Her grandmother had been just as worried, but Eve told her that she talked to her dead husband, and in her anger, her grandmother dared Eve to tell her a secret that only he would know. Her grandfather saw this as an opportunity to help Eve and give his wife peace, so he divulged one, and when Eve told her, she began to believe her. When she died, there was no one alive to protect Evelyn from the constant bombardment of disbelief from her parents.

Eve suffered from terrible depression after her family, with the best of intentions, had her committed into a psychiatric institution because she conversed openly with her deceased grandparents after her mom and dad repeatedly told her not to. In her elementary and middle schools, the same problem cursed Eve. She refused to give in, even though everyone said she was crazy. Her grandparents begged her to tell the doctors she could no longer see or hear the dead and, when Eve refused to obey them, for her own welfare, they left Eve alone! She finally experienced the grief the rest of her family had previously endured with the departure of her grandparents, and after nearly four years, the state released her back into the care of her parents. For several years, she pretended to ignore ghosts, but upon finding a strange bookstore, and obtaining The Book of Shadows, she felt vindicated by The Librarian, and stopped hiding her abilities! Now, at twenty years old, she is independent, and she has put her powers to use by helping a ghost-hunting group named the Female Phantom Finders!

With the Female Phantom Finders she traveled to Ghost Nook, where they all summoned the powerful spirit known as the Anax. While the rest of her group fell to his powers, she was able to enslave him through his fetter, his very skull. Now she can control him, supposedly...

Desideratum: Blood Bonds

As seen in the novel, Desideratum: Blood Bonds, several months after Evelyn Addams manages to gain power over the Anax, they arrive in Portland, Oregon. As they traveled across the United States from New York, Eve gained insight regarding her necromantic abilities, and she occasionally pushed herself too far. The shadow magic would drive her mad, and on several occasions, the Anax stepped in to save her either from herself or from the spells she cast. For example, while passing through the state of Texas, she went to an old, abandoned graveyard and raised all the dead. However, the skeletal zombies were too great in number for the fledgling necromancer to control and she ordered the Anax to destroy the army and save her.

The pair were on a mission of revenge, as the witch, now vampire, Eleanora Blackwood, had directly led to the hanging of Anaximanes Ravenhurst, and Eve felt compelled to aid the Anax in destroying the vile woman. Once in Portland, the duo needed to obtain the Scepter of Osiris. The artifact would allow necromancers amplified power, and Evelyn would be able to control the vampires of Portland- including Eleanora. Once the Nightbred were enslaved, the Anax would rip Eleanora to shreds and carry her spirit into the Outer Darkness, where he would enslave her as a Shadowed. She would then forever serve him as an eternal slap in the face for her cruelty.

However, the greenhorn monster hunter, Absinthe Van Gothen, also required the same relic for her own attack on the Nightbred. She arrived at the Portland Museum, only to find the Anax and Evelyn Addams. The Anax sent Shadowed to kill Abby, but they failed. Evelyn animated the skeletons in the museum and sent her risen minions against the hunter as well, only to have them fail. Then - SPOILER FOR NOW! Will edit after D:BB is finished!


Evelyn is a young woman with a goth aesthetic, pale skin, and black hair.