Justine Day

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Name Justine Day
Race Human
Type Casus Fortuitus
Faction Free Willed
Premiere Slugs and Bugs: Invasion
Relative(s) Eliza Day

Justine Day

"It will take more than some slugs and bugs to stop me!"


Slugs and Bugs: Invasion

As seen in the novel, Slugs and Bugs: Invasion, Justine was a financier working with Erebus Financial Services. Justine Day was born in the Midwest in the state of Missouri. She was raised just outside the city of Saint Louis. She grew up with a normal life, and thought about going into education at one point, yet she ended up changing her major in college, and went into finance. Even though driving in big cities scared her, with her degree in hand, she moved to New York City, and planned to make a new life, though she is her mother’s girl, and she called her mom almost every day. She interviewed with Erebus Financial Services, and Dagan Erebus himself interviewed her. Though his motives for hiring her were sexist, she had scarcely began work when he was arrested! Justine could not believe her boss could have done the strange, dark things the television claimed he had, but it turned her on.

She had always fantasized about mind control, and sometimes she was the slave and sometimes she was the mistress, but she got off on the idea of control, real control, not just physical bondage, but truly being owned. For some time after his arrest, she would see Dagan on the news and masturbate, imagining him enthralling her for some demonic cult.

By divine hand or by dumb luck, Justine Day not only managed to survive against incalculable odds but she even discovered new inherent abilities within herself! Her entire life, other than a feeling of déjà vu, or occasionally knowing the phone would ring before it did, she never considered herself to be ‘psychic’. Perhaps all humans have some abilities to foresee what shall be or feel things their eyes cannot perceive, but fate created an odd happenstance during the Invasion. A minder had crawled up the side of the Erebus Building, and, following its nature; it saw Justine and tried to bond with her. However, thick glass separated the pair, and it could not ‘join’ (the term used when a minder and host become one) with her. This caused an interesting situation. With Justine having a higher than normal, but unknown, psychic power, and with the minder attached to her mind, she and it began to feel not only intense need and love, but also a desolate loneliness at their separation.

The Over-Master had a choice to make as it observed this strange event. It could destroy the minder and feed its destruction down their mental link, killing Justine with a brain aneurism, or, it could study the event as an experiment. The Over-Master has conquered innumerable worlds, and what makes the Invaders so formidable, is that the central hive mind, the Over-Master, is constantly aware of whatever minders are sensing. This allows it to evolve and experiment, which can only make the hive stronger. Thus, it decided to follow her progress through the mental link. The Over-Master tested Justine’s resolve many times. When it first observed her, it tried to get her to give in to even the slugs and spores. However, when Justine Day managed to push past the slugs and reached the bugs, the Over-Master grew surprised. It wondered if she might make a new, powerful addition to the swarm. However, her Minder was growing deeper in love with her, and longed to see her climb floor by floor and give herself to it, so they could be joined in dark love forever. The Over-Master found this ‘emotion’ strange. Other organisms on worlds did not have emotions in the human sense of the word. Justine was ‘corrupting’ the Minder itself, from the Over-Master’s perspective. It found that very fascinating. Then, as she battled the bugs, something new occurred- Justine managed to slow the flow of time around her, thus making her appear to move at inhuman speed. As the Over-Mastered studied the phenomenon, it realized she was using minder energy for her own. She would draw from her own Minder, and then warp the power. Now, the Over-Master grew very concerned. If she could do this, within two days of her attempted minding, then what might Justine Day do with even more time and energy?

Again, it contemplated annihilating her, yet she was testing the Invaders, and some of the strongest creatures inhabiting the Erebus Building had been destroyed by this tiny, puny mammal. If the Over-Master could have her become one of its minions, and use her as a blueprint, the entire swarm could grow exponentially stronger. When she reached her office, the Over-Master waited in agonizing anticipation to see if she would finally join the Invaders. Instead, she managed to overpower her own Minder! The Over-Master quickly began studying how she accomplished the feat. It realized that for humans, their emotions had a direct and intrinsic impact on their psychic power. When she grew too angry or too scared, the power amplified. In a word, it deemed her chaotic, and it determined to have her subjugated and her power shackled to its gargantuan will. It seems even ancient and almost omniscient entities can make mistakes.

Justine fought through the other minders- all the time growing stronger. Finally, she reached the Over-Master’s avatar. Usually, a single glance into one of its giant eyes could crush the will of a lesser being, yet Justine appeared to have an endless appetite. The more of its will it tried to corrupt and crush her with, the more she consumed and grew empowered. Finally, there was a teetering moment, when the Over-Master was certain that Justine would choose to join it, and if she had, it would have created a goddess from her. Something with terrible psychic powers beyond reckoning- yet leashed to the Over-Master’s will for eternity. Yet, even with the corruption coursing through her soul, Justine managed to resist- and more- she did the unthinkable, causing even the avatar of the Over-Master to pause, trapped in a temporal stasis field! Justine then escaped to the roof, and Marlena Kress regaled her with a tale implicating her into everything Justine had endured. Kate and Anne were there to break her psychologically, and Jen would have joined them, if only Marlena had found her first.

Realizing that so much of the mental and emotional torture she had endured came directly from Marlena’s interference, Justine’s anger, regret, and power crescendoed to unheard of heights. The attempt the Over-Master had made at corrupting and indoctrinating Justine failed, but it did give her an immense pool to draw psychic power! Suddenly, Justine’s emotions manifested as pure dark energy and she became a being of pure energy- a ‘psychic-storm’ of fury and retribution. Justine annihilated Kress where she stood, and when the Over-Master attempted to grab Justine to absorb her into itself, she managed to grab Jen and fly to the ground. At that point, the unimaginable exhaustion and exertion finally brought her down. Jen took Justine’s unconscious body, loading them into Erica’s old 1969 Charger. Again, luck or fate smiled upon them, because the Invaders enveloped the Earth with an electromagnetic shield, rendering virtually all technology inept. The car, however, predated on board computers, and it started right up. On a full tank of gas, Jen sped away, and sources say that the pair has gone to the Midwest, to find Justine’s family.

Factions: Crystals of Control

In the non-canonical Unity Match Three game, Factions: Crystals of Control, Justine can be played as an Infectulon. She was a Demo Playable Character.

Slugs and Bugs: Conversion

In the non-canonical Trainer style game, Slugs and Bugs: Conversion, Justine will be present as a trainable character.


Justine is a 32 year old red-head. She has a playful demeanor, polite and respectful while growing up in the Midwest.


Psychic Storm


Psychic Energy

Notes and Trivia

Justine Day is the reincarnation of Eliza Day from the novel The Anax: Call of the Cursed One