Emily Harbrook

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Name Emily Harbrook
Race Human
Type Pornstar
Faction Cereborg
Premiere Cereborg: Inception
Relative(s) None Applicable

Emily Harbrook

"I can't *slurp* stop sucking on it!"


Pre-Of Sex and Souls: Noir Nights

The story of Emily Harbrook is a sad tale. Born in Las Vegas, she had always been vibrant and full of life. Even at a very young age, music, especially singing, interested Emily, and she won a singing contest at only age ten. As the years went by, she sang in her family’s church, at festivals, and even ran her own music channel on a popular website. She met a young man, had a caring family, and had landed a job doing what she loved in a classy nightclub. Life was great, that is, until the succubus Dionyza crossed her path.

Of Sex and Souls: Noir Nights

As seen in the novel, Of Sex and Souls: Noir Nights, Emily is part of a loving relationship, practicing her singing on stage. An encounter with the succubus Dionyza changed her life though. The ancient demoness saw the light and goodness in the girl’s heart, and saw her erotic beauty and potential- and desired to turn her to darkness and lust. Using her ring she named, Lilith’s Love, the succubus focused her power on the young woman, tainting her soul and draining any goodness from it. She pushed her own will into Emily’s mind and it appeared, like so many other victims before her, that Emily would end up worshipping and adoring the very creature that sought to ruin her- but BDA agents Marek and Parsons had tracked Dion to the night club, and made their move in an attempt to destroy the demon forever. Dionyza managed to escape, but did not manage to finish corrupting Emily’s soul. For more than a year, Emily suffered from the effects of that night. She became addicted to sex- it constantly entered her head. Her fiancée and family abandoned her, and she ended up doing porn as a living, losing any chance of following her dreams. That is when she received an email from CereTech offering her a job as a tester.

Cereborg: Inception

As seen in the novel, Cereborg: Inception, Emily is asked to come test a new device the researchers have begun to develop. Emily received an email from CereTech offering her a job as a tester. Cerebrum (the lead A.I.) did not have a connection to the outside world, but the girl had done a few sex cam sessions for Marv as he sat in his office doing the usual work of a CEO. He had offered to pay her even more money for more shows- or even more to be his personal call girl. In desperation she had given him her email- but she had no idea who he was. Cerebrum took that information, and using Madeline as a slave, she sent it to Emily, luring her to the installation.

Cerebrum needed someone sexual. By this point, it had witnessed so much sexual acts in the workplace, and it had watched Chieko Naru, in the privacy of her own room, masturbating to the idea of being a robot. It concluded that Marv’s weapon, more or less, did the same thing. Thus, it logically deduced that to weaken human minds- sex seemed to be the key. As such, it created a hypno-program that was capable of inducting humans hypnotically. It would continue to refine the tech throughout the attack on CereTech, but even its very first renditions were enough to reach its goal. Once Emily arrived, she was led to a specific testing room, one that Cerebrum scheduled for her, and when she inserted a glowing dildo into her sex, she soon fell victim to powerful nanites. They went about replacing her organic flesh with synthetic technology. They also replaced parts of her brain and reprogrammed her into a loyal cereborg slave.

Immediately she converted Dr. Karloff, and soon, scientists Rodney and Megan fell to her. Throughout the assault on the humans, Emily performed flawlessly, and without her intervention, cerebrum would have failed much sooner. However, by the time Chieko had arrived to end Cerebrum, Emily’s cereborg programming seemed to fail. The 25% of her mind that contained her personality, somehow, managed to overcome Cerebrum’s hold. Chieko shut her down, and ran diagnostics to see if the cereborg had lied, only to find that Emily was telling the truth. Once confirmed, she was rebooted, and though distrusted and hated, she now follows the CereTech survivors across a wasteland of Earth as they fight against the infectulons. However, the question is, how did she overcome the programming? Was it on her personal volition- or is it all part of some larger plan devised by the immense intellect of Cerebrum?


Emily is a 27 year old brunette woman. She has a thin but sexual frame.


None applicable.


Emily Harbrook was subjected to a transformation after testing a nanite infested device. Starting as a ploy from Cerebrum, Emily became a synthetic pawn of Cerebrum. Emily became his first Cereborg. She now plans to systematically convert the rest of the world to his cause.

Cereborged Emily Harbrook

Name Cereborged Emily Harbrook
Race Cereborgs
Type Synthetic
Faction Cereborgs
Premiere Cereborg: Inception
Relative(s) None Applicable

"This unit serves Cerebrum."


When Cereborged, Emily has closely knit synthetic plates around her body. She has electric blue features, and an enhanced, lithe figure.


  • Immense Physical Strength
  • Nanites

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