Beauregard (Bo) Wyatt

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Name Beauregard (Bo) Wyatt
Race Human
Type Wizard
Faction Free Willed
Premiere Cult of Corruption: The Summoning
Relative(s) Howard Wyatt, Beverly Wyatt

Beauregard (Bo) Wyatt

"Karen, I am so, so sorry..."


Cult of Corruption: The Summoning

As seen in the novel, Cult of Corruption: The Summoning, Bo is a passive, lazy character. His lack of care allowed him to be manipulated. He met with an entity known as , which provided Bo a powerful, magic tome. Bo started to turn his life around, applying himself. His friend was not the same kind soul Bo was, and manipulated him to use the magic for personal gain. One of these manipulations caused the conjuration of the ancient, dark god, Nergal. Bo's secret love, , became infected by Nergal's diseased machinations. With the realization of what he had done, Bo retreated, only partially infected by Nergal. Now, he has to maintain an order of control, to right his wrongs. Bo Wyatt was born the younger brother of Howard Wyatt. Whereas Howard excelled at sports and athletics, growing large and strong, Bo liked role-playing games, and did not care for physical activity. He often felt like the black sheep of the family- though his doting mother spoiled him. In fact, she spoiled him to the point that he did not have to do much for himself. She did his laundry, made him meals, picked up prescriptions and more. He hardly had to lift a finger. That caused him to become lazy and lose ambition. However, he stumbled into The Library, as fate would have it.

There, The Librarian showed him a book that had belonged to a coven of witches, and later, to Dagan Erebus. Now, Bo Wyatt held the powerful magical tome, and though he was a kind soul, his friend, Raymond Goldstein, was not. Ray convinced Bo to use magic for all manner of personal gain, but Bo felt guilty for doing so. Thus, he changed his life, cleaned himself up, got a job, and moved out on his own. Meanwhile, Ray only wanted more and more material things, and since he had no power of his own, he relied on Bo for making his dreams come true. At some point, the idea of becoming very powerful, himself, caused him to trick Bo into conjuring the ancient, dark god, Nergal!

The love of Bo’s life, Karen McAllen, got wrapped up in the entire process. She had never found Bo attractive in the least, but, that was his Achilles’ heel! Knowing that information, the dishonest Ray told Bo that Nergal would make Karen love Bo for the rest of her life. When he summoned the entity, Nergal, it immediately infected Karen with its corruptive disease, and Bo fled into the night after being slightly infected as well. His behavior changed due to the corruption, and though he thought about running far away from Karen, Nergal used his old bonds to his mother to convince Bo to remain nearby. From there, Bo infected his mother, and his life began spiraling out of control. He desperately tried to find a cure for the corruption, but the more he fought to stop it, the more he ended up spreading it!

At one point, Nergal managed to force Bo to corrupt his friend, Adria, stealing her virginity in the process. This had a profound effect. Instead of breaking Bo down and causing him to give in to the corruption- it caused Bo to become suicidal! He decided to turn himself in to the Bureau of Demonic Analysis authorities. Bo fully expected to die, but when detective Walter Riley interviewed him, things changed. Within an hour, Bo found himself with a powerful ally. The BDA stormed the mansion on a mission to obtain the Codex Gigas, which Bo would then use to undo the corruption he began; however, he became separated from the agents, and fell into a trap set by Nergal. Bo impregnated Karen through her ruse, and she became the mother of Nergal! Just as she bore the ancient god into the world, without even using the Codex, the extraordinarily powerful Bo managed to cast a cleansing spell undoing any corruption wrought due to his actions. This changed those that had become infected back into mortal humans. However, there were a few unforeseen events that would come to haunt Bo for the rest of his life.

One was that many humans had become Nergalian Demons, and they were killed by BDA agents. Several humans were changed into Nergalites (infected humans not yet demonic), and they too were killed. In some ways worse, those that were healed retained all their memories of what they had done while corrupted. Adria remembered what Bo had done to her, Beverly, Bo’s mother, remembered her own actions, and across the area, people remembered all the corrupt debauchery they committed in Nergal’s name. This had profound psychological impacts! Bo blamed himself for all this evil and pain. Yet, another event slipped past the wizard. Nergal had actually been born! A small ball of tentacles and unholy flesh, Nergal hid from Bo and Karen until they departed the mansion. As Bo and the BDA had assaulted the mansion, on the other side of the world, The Invaders had been assaulting Europe. Their attack continued following the turn of the Earth, and in the early morning, they struck America. About the time Bo and Karen left the mansion, finally free of the corruption- the alien attack reached Texas! Bo blamed himself for all the evil Nergal caused, and so, he does not trust himself or magic. However, to fight The Invaders, magic could be a powerful tool. Will he manage to find a way to overcome his self-loathing and help save the world or is humanity doomed?


Bo is a small, scrawny 29 year old.


  • Arcane Magic
  • Conjuration


Witches' Tome

Notes and Trivia

As seen in the novel, Cereborg: Inception the day that Cerebrum launches its plans is also Bo Wyatt's birthday.