Walter Riley

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Walter Riley

"The name's Walter Riley, and I’m a gambling man."


Of Sex and Souls: Noir Nights

As seen in the novel, Of Sex and Souls: Noir Nights, Walter Riley is facing off against Dionyza.


Walter is a 41 year old white male. He's got an 80's detective look to him.


  • Inhuman Intuition
  • Paranormal Experience
  • Firearm Proficiency


Notes and Trivia

Not a single blues song has been written that can compare to Walter Riley’s life. Originally, the Las Vegas native seemed to have everything. He met the girl of his dreams, Clover, she loved him back, and they married soon after. The two were like soul mates, it was as if they had known each other forever. Walter became a rookie cop, and Clover painted and sculpted, relishing art. Eventually, the pair had a child, Rose, and Walter worked hard to move up. He became a detective with the force, and he was the best. They always gave him the hardest cases, and when he was not solving a recent case in record time, he methodically worked on cold cases. As tenacious as a bulldog, Walter would not relent until he had solved the riddle laid before him, but that intuition, intellect, and hard work would be his downfall.

A vampire brood led by an ancient nosferatu named Ivor moved into the area at the behest of Eleanora Blackwood. They were using an old warehouse as their base and branching out. Humans served as food, slaves, and spies. Walter had no idea that creatures like vampires were real, and as far as he knew, he had found corruption within his own precinct, a cover up, and he thought he had found a human trafficking slave ring. However, when the big operation went down, the police found only an abandoned warehouse. Dust caked the floor, and clearly no one had used it in a decade. However, Eleanora’s magic was to blame. Through her dark spells, as the vampires fled to Oregon, she reverted the warehouses to the state they had been upon their arrival, and because of the debacle, the chief fired Walter. The vampires were forced to retreat, but not before seeking revenge. Ivor ordered Brone Lorcan to go and slay Walter and his daughter, and to return with Clover. Brone did not slay Walter or Rose, but had no choice in regards to Clover. He promised to watch over her.

Walter fell into a deep, dark depression. He could not function without booze, and Rose resented him. Eventually he became somewhat of a local celebrity because when he got drunk, which was almost every day, he would rant and rave about vampires stealing his wife. While Walter stewed in his sadness, a succubus named Dionyza had been secretly running Las Vegas for years. By fate or coincidence, the two met in a nightclub where a singer named Emily Harbrook was set to sing. At the same time, Agent Parsons and Marek were honing on the succubus and were about to strike. As Emily fell under the corruption and mind control of Dionyza, the agents attacked. Walter only saw two women with guns attempting to kill an unarmed woman. He rushed to her aid, drawing his gun. Dionyza then used her dark power on him and a standoff between he and the agents let Dionyza escape. When Walter snapped out of it, the agents berated him and went back to tracking their prey.

Dionyza now knew she was hunted, and she decided to use this man for her own ends. Ironically, the BDA agents also made the same decision, and while Walter tried to survive he's constantly played by both sides. However, he survived the trials and ordeals, and what he found at the end sobered him up. Now, Walt works freelance for the BDA. He does not take direct orders (he never did well with politics), and he tells people exactly what is on his mind. He was pulled to Dallas to aid in the Nergal situation, and his gut told him something was wrong. It turned out Agent Getty could not be trusted and his suspicions were validated. When Bo turned himself in, Walter trusted him, and Getty was arrested. After overcoming his alcoholism, Walter’s mind seemed sharper than ever. Yet, late at night, as he lays in bed alone, his mind fills with demons, regrets, and depression, and though many a time he has reached for a bottle to drown it away, he clenches his jaw, and stops himself.