The Giggler

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Name The Giggler
Race Mutant
Type Clown
Faction Giggle Gang
Premiere Giggle Night: Trixie's Trial
Relative(s) None Applicable

The Giggler

"Abducting innocent women? Never! It's only... SURPRISE ADOPTIONS! HA HA HA HA!"


Giggle Night: Trixie's Trial

As seen in the novel, Giggle Night: Trixie's Trial, the Giggler faces off against Trixie Goodwin.


The Giggler is a clown, with white facepaint, a large red nose, and erratic hair.


  • Superhuman Strength and Endurance
  • Immense Physical Attacks
  • Immunity to Chemical Agents and Poisons


Giggle Gas

Notes and Trivia

Very few people know the origin of the Giggler. What most do know is that, using strange chemicals, he can change men and women into sadistic, insane clown people bent only on infecting or killing other humans. Justine had seen him on television a few times. The largest attack by far happened about two years ago when the Giggler set off multiple bombs. The victims were gunned down or taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital, and there, the Giggler personally attacked, apparently searching for some sort of serum.