Howard Wyatt

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Howard Wyatt

"I hate this dang computer stuff."


Cereborg: Inception

As seen in the novel, Cereborg: Inception, Howard is a security guard working for CereTech. He is infatuated by his coworker Chieko Naru, but her timidness has him suspicious if the feelings are returned. When odd things start going on at CereTech, Howard lurches into motion.


Howard is a 33 year old Texan. He has a shaved head, and overall friendly demeanor.


  • Strong physical attacks
  • Precision Firearms


N-1000 Exosuit

Notes and Trivia

Howard Wyatt is the older brother of Bo Wyatt. Whereas Bo excelled in academics, and spent most of his time playing games or reading, Howard loved physical activity. His mother and father showered him with praise, because in Texas, even high school football carries a lot of weight, and Howard could not be stopped. He always thanked his father for that, because growing up, his dad worked Howard hard. In fact, when he turned eight, his father told him that he would always buy Howard his clothes and food until he was eighteen, but if Howard wanted anything else, toys, games, and so forth, that Howard had to earn the money himself. Howard did earn it, roofing houses, moving bricks and other building materials, and lawn work were staple jobs he did in his youth, and it built his character as much as it built his muscles.

His high school years were spent dating Bobbi Jo Dunn. The two were a great match, and constantly pushed each other harder. They became some of the most athletic teens that Texas ever knew. It was clear to anyone that saw them, that they were in love, and the pair appeared inseparable. However, when high school ended, their paths branched off in different directions. Bobbi Jo went on to join the armed forces, and Howard went to college on a football scholarship, but after graduating with an MBA from UNLV, he found the degree so generalized that no one would hire him. So, looking at his strength and reflexes as a boon, he became a cop in Las Vegas. Yet, he found the job involved far too many politics. Again, he tried to a find a place where he belonged, and found it somewhere he could never have imagined! He applied to work at CereTechnologies as a security specialist and got the job. Once hired, he patrolled the halls and ensured to protect the hard work of the ‘egg head’s from the hands of spies. He gained renown for stopping several breaches over time, and eventually became the assistant security director.

Without Howard Wyatt’s watchful eyes, the A.I. known as Cerebrum, would have been stolen or deactivated years ago. His keen senses and ability to quickly react to any situation has not only saved his own life many times- it has ensured that Cerebrum remained safe and secure. He became smitten with a younger programmer, Chieko Naru. She actually designed and created Cerebrum, and he finds himself tongue-tied whenever she talks to him. She is the first woman Howard had met since Bobbi Jo that he feels that spark of love for. Howard is highly respected and intends on working at CereTech until his dying day.