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Name The Over-Master
Race Alien
Type Hive-Mind
Faction Infectulon
Premiere Slugs and Bugs: Invasion
Relative(s) Not Applicable

The Over-Master

"I am the Over-Master! I will consume everything!"


Slugs and Bugs: Invasion

As seen in the novel, Slugs and Bugs: Invasion, the Over-Master is a hive mind, commanding its armies to venture forth. One such venture was to New York, though the sky changed color in a far greater range. Earth is just another stop in The Over-Masters path of consumption.


The Over-Master is not a physical being. However, it can combine several Minders to form an avatar to personally inhabit.


  • Telekinetic Attacks
  • Mind Manipulation
  • Corruptive Aura
  • Strong Physical Attacks

Notes and Trivia

Where, precisely, did the Over-Master arise? The Minders appear to be a neural network creating a cosmic brain of sorts, with the Over-Master being the ego or intelligence that controls all. It seems to be driven by an all-consuming need to consume or annihilate all life other than itself, and so far, not a single world in millions of years have been able to stand against it and its biological armies. Justine Day is one of a handful of mortal beings in the cosmos to ever converse directly with the Over-Master and manage to survive. Now, the unholy monstrosity obsesses over her, and it intends to bend her to its will at all costs!