Aka Manah

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Name Aka Manah
Race God
Type Pre-Historic
Faction Akamanian Demons
Premiere Phantom: Revenge
Relative(s) Not Applicable

Aka Manah

"NO! Thou hast tricked me! Dagan Erebus! I shall forget you not!"


Aka Manah came into existence in prehistoric times. At some point, humanity came to comprehend thought and knowledge as literal things. These ancient ancestors came to understand the concepts of good and evil, and those concepts sent ripples throughout the dimensions of thought and energy. On that frequency, the understanding and concept of ‘evil thoughts’ coalesced into a demonic being called Aka Manah. He is magically potent and has a fiery nature, much like the passions that dark and wicked thoughts bring to mankind.

The link between frequencies of existence binds at the minds of conscious beings, and there is where Aka Manah found his strength. Unable to tear his way into the physical realm, he sought to undermine it through manipulating the thoughts of humankind, though often people did it of their own accord. If someone thought about murdering another person, those brain waves passed through dimensions, and dark entities like Aka Manah could feed off these thoughts. When evil people died, and their thoughts and emotions held them within the frequency of shadow known as The Outer Darkness, Aka Manah and other demons could hunt and consume these souls, growing stronger, and twisting the souls into to evil forever.

Eventually, cults formed on Earth, and some of those humans had a stronger psychic ability than others did. Aka Manah sought to defile these minds, and he succeeded. Around the time of Zarathustra (Zoroaster), Aka Manah had gained a small foothold. His worshippers went about seeding the word with thoughts of sins and evil deeds, and thus more humans came into the fold. Upon death, their souls would be drawn directly to the demon of dark thoughts himself, and Aka Manah became stronger every day. Eventually, his cult was defeated by the snake cult of Ophion, but the magic spells and incantations his cultists had used to contact him survived the flame, and remained scattered in a handful of occult books. One such book belonged to a coven of witches in New York City, yet witch hunters defeated them, burning the women at the stake. However, their huge grimoire lay hidden in a vault, and remained untouched for over a hundred years, until a construction worker named Dagan Erebus fell into the ancient witch vault.

He hid the book and took it home. Using translation programs on his computer, he slowly deciphered different spells, but he happened upon one for Aka Manah. He struck a deal with the demon! Aka Manah would use his own powers (Dagan having none of his own) to change the women that Dagan raped, into slaves of Aka Manah, their souls damned to him forever. In return, Dagan could use these women, sexually, as he desired. His own soul sworn to the demon as payment for this, Dagan agreed. Aka Manah did not give it a second thought. A puny human, that would inevitably die, thus losing his soul anyway, would go about laying the foundation for a completely new cult devoted to Aka Manah! The demon watched through the eyes of the women that Dagan conquered, until the man’s luck ran out. Then the demon simply waited to dine on the human’s soul, while his pawns on Earth continued thinking only dark thoughts, causing the demon to grow stronger every day.


Aka Manah looks like classical depictions of the devil, with red skin and large, twisting horns. He has a long beard and hairy, goat-like legs. He also has four arms and two rows of multiple eyes. His demons of course share a similar appearance with him, with red skin, twisting black horns, and goat-like hooves. They may use burning hot pitchforks as a weapon.


  • Corruptive Mind Control
  • Fire Magic
  • Warp Energy