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Name Slugged
Race Human
Type Mutant
Faction Infectulons
Premiere Desideratum: Blood Bonds
Relative(s) None Applicable

These are victims of the insidious infectulonian slugs. After fully integrating itself into a host, the human will find a suitable place to pupate to finish their conversion and symbiosis into a full infectulon hybrid. While within the slimy cocoon, the human form undergoes a metamorphosis. When the chrysalis tears open, the slugged slave is complete and ready to serve the needs of the invaders. These are the worker caste and perform much of the manual labor. These people no longer require sleep and work endlessly, toiling for their terrifying, totalitarian master. The slugged often appear to be nothing more than mindless zombies, but the original personalities and memories of the human hosts remain. If needed, the information can be accessed by the slug, or if desired, the slug allows the personality to show itself. The person will be who they once were, though twisted, and can be put back under the full control of the parasite at its discretion.

In the 1940’s, an alien ship, filled with containers of infectulonian slugs crashed, near Roswell, New Mexico. All but one slug were contained and taken to a U.S. governmental lab named Area 51. The unaccounted device was taken from the crash site by a young Oliver Willoughby. His mother became infected and killed his father. Mother and son were then taken to Area 51 as well. For the next several decades, the aliens were studied. However, the labs were infiltrated by cultists that worship the snake god, Ophion. Working for MedUSA, a biotech company, the infiltrators managed to secure and steal a number of biological creatures. Several slugs were pilfered and wound up in time being tested at the MedUSA lab in Portland Oregon. Eventually concluded to be too dangerous, they were stored in biohazard barrels. Two employees were told to hide the containers out of sight, and they eventually agreed on a section of abandoned sewers.

Unfortunately for these hired goons, a handful of the slugs survived their destruction in the lab. When the pair loaded a barrel of the living slugs into an abandoned chamber, it tipped over, and the aliens fled. The female human was immediately taken as a host. Her male counterpart, however, managed to lock her into the room with the remaining slugs. Possessed by the alien inside her body, she pretended to be upset and scared asking him to unlock the metal door. He refused and fled to an abandoned sewer workstation where he remained in fear until he starved and died. When the Night Stalker, Absinthe Van Gothen, came to the sewers to find Molly McCoy, she found the man’s corpse and a note describing what had occurred. She then made her way to the room in question and managed to slay the slugged woman and the remaining few living slugs. A little over a year later, however, the infectulons would return in force.