Giggle Night: Trixie's Trial

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Giggle Night: Trixie's Trial (GNTT) is an interactive novel to be written by American author, Brandon Somerville. In the first series of fourteen novels, GNTT is the second novel of the timeline. It takes place, as all the novels do, in the fictional universe known as the Anaxverse. It has yet to be published, but an example of the text that proceeds through the first chapter can be found.


Title and Publication

Mr. Somerville originally published GNTT as a visual novel with adult elements. In the future, he will be writing all the novels as ebooks. In the original versions, they are written in a second-person perspective as the author felt it worked best in a "choose your own adventure" setting. However, in the ebook form, the novels will be written in the third person allowing for far more insight and exposition.


The Anaxverse series of novels can be read in any order, even though they follow a certain chronology. But, because the novels overlap and the stories are all interconnected in meaningful ways, it does not matter the order they are read. This page will discuss the novel teaser, until the full novel has been published.

Plot Summary

Giggle Night: Trixie's Trial starts in the perspective of Trixie Goodwin. The story enters with her coupling with her boyfriend, Dagan Erebus. Things take a turn as Dagan starts to exude a power over her, one he has gotten from Aka Manah. She finds her soul darken and twist to him, before awakening. Trixie turns her attention to the sounds of ambulances wailing, noting she works as a registered nurse. On the news, Marie Esposito mentions chemical explosions happening all around the city; The Giggler is the one at fault. Backstory is given that notes that The Giggler used to brainwash his victims, but soon found a way to chemically mutate them into clowns. Trixie makes her way to the hospital for her shift, noting how empty the roads are with the fear present of The Giggler. She muses that while Dagan had been executed the week before, she has been feeling those darker dreams coming more often. Another ambulance breaks her from her daydreams, and she rushes to the hospital.

Trixie meets Marie on the way inside, hearing that her hospital may have found a cure to The Giggler's chemical attacks. She makes her way past armed guards and police, to find the hospital filled with attack victims and the occasional early stages of a clown transformation. Dr. Helen White asks Trixie to go ask if she can help in the mental ward, given all of the unstable people. Trixie meets more victims along the way, but eventually finds her way to the mental ward. There she finds a woman who seems to be a state of lunacy, saying that The Giggler is planning on attacking the hospital. She details her subjugation to the meta-villain, and appears to crack right when Dr. White comes in for her diagnostic. Dr. White seems to have been infected, and the woman enhances that infection. Trixie runs, seeing male and female nurses engaging each other. She makes her way to Dr. Hannah Weston. Dr. Weston was the first doctor to study The Giggler. She realizes the attack makes sense, as the clowned victims can cause chaos. The Giggler announces his arrival on the intercom. Dr. Weston tells Trixie to go grab the alpha strain of the cure from her lab, because the Giggler would be interested in targeting herself first. Trixie runs to find the cure. This marks the end of the preview novel.

Throughout the full novel, Trixie will have to fight alongside the other heroes of New York City against other gangs lead by various villains: The Demented, The Harvesters, The Mutant Menagerie, The Swarmsworn, The Terrorbots, and The Toxsick.