Brandon Somerville

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Brandon Somerville is an American entrepreneur, philosopher, writer, and artist who is best known as the author and creator of the dark fantasy cosmos known collectively as the Anaxverse. The Anax is his alter ego, that he plays the voice of on his YouTube videos and games.


Family Origins

Mr. Somerville's first known paternal ancestor, Sir Gaultier de Somerville (1036 - Unknown) fought alongside William the Conqueror and was granted the lands north of England, Scotland.


Mr. Somerville grew up in Amarillo, Texas. He graduated from school with honors and tried going to the community college for art, but scarcely went a year. He then spent twenty years working at more than twenty different jobs, even becoming a Certified Nurse Aide, but mostly working retail and sales jobs before deciding to pursue his passions of art and writing. He quit his job and began toiling tirelessly on creating an entire fantasy world. With no formal writing education, he knew he was taking a big risk, but his projects were very well received in the communities where he published them. He is currently still attempting to increase his finances and spends much of his time and money in order to produce more work.