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Name Dionyza
Race Demon
Type Succubus
Faction Lilin
Premiere Of Sex and Souls: Noir Nights
Relative(s) None Applicable


"I'll make you all mine, Walter Riley!"


Of Sex and Souls: Noir Nights

As seen in the novel, Of Sex and Souls: Noir Nights, Dionyza is trying to exact revenge against the Bureau of Demonic Analysis, and claim Walter Riley for her own. Dionyza formed in the Outer Darkness as the other succubi did, hundreds of thousands of years ago. When mankind has thoughts or creates mental concepts, the brainwaves coalesce through space and time, permeating other Anaxverse dimensions above and below the Physical World frequency, depending on the positivity or negativity of the thought. When the first men conceived of lust as a concept, their perception rippled through the lower dimensions, and there, it congealed into the sexual demons: incubi and succubi. Dionyza remained there, in the Great Beyond for countless years until a conjuror in ancient Greece, Empedocles, summoned her to the physical world. When her Empedocles finally died of old age, Dionyza had free reign. Unlike many of her kin, she did not immediately set about causing calamity because those demons seldom lasted long before heroes would arise to stop them.

Instead, Dion explored the world and enjoyed herself. She took a holiday of sorts, and eventually stumbled upon an ancient artifact. It was the Sunstone, and it held potent Inner Light energies. These were the very opposite of her own dark powers, and she desired to wield the energies it contained. Though she traveled about the world, she could find no method of transmuting the light into shadow, until, by happenstance, while in New York City, she stumbled upon The Library. The Librarian refused to help a demon, but sitting at a nearby table, she found a witch, named Eleanora Blackwood, taking notes. The two quickly forged an evil friendship and together made a pact. Dionyza would help Eleanora brew a succubus love potion, and Eleanora, in return, would use a witch’s transmutation spell on the Sunstone.

Eleanora followed through and managed to warp the powers of the Sunstone into something twisted and dark. It became a ring, and the moment Dionyza set it upon her own finger, she became irresistible to all mortals. Men or women could scarcely control themselves around her. Her voice could compel most people to do anything that she desired. She learned that with her new ring, she could control the minds of mortals with relative ease. Using her new powers, she became ever bolder, attracting the attention of demon hunters that chased her across the United States. Eventually, she ended up in Las Vegas, in its infancy, and personally helped shape it into the sinful city that it is known for today. Not only does all the raw lust around her help feed the demoness, but also it serves to hide her from the Bureau of Demonic Analysis (BDA). However, her luck finally ran out.

An old detective, Walter Riley, happened to be at Drai's, a night club, the same night that Dionyza tried to enthrall a singer named Emily Harbrook. He interceded, and at the same time, two BDA officers, Agent Marek and Agent Parsons, tried to slay Dionyza. Dion survived and fled into the night. The tenacious Walter Riley has constantly tracked her since, but she finds him as fascinating as she finds him annoying. He appears to be very resistant to her power, so she does not desire to kill him, but she may have no choice because the BDA officers are using Walter to lure Dionyza to her destruction!

Cereborg: Inception

In Cereborg: Inception, Dionyza is seen early on corrupting Emily Harbrook from her normal life. Dionyza is cut short by the BDA and the detective Walter Riley.

Factions: Crystals of Control

In the non-canonical Unity Match Three game, Factions: Crystals of Control, Dionyza is a playable character. She was released in the initial demo.


Dionyza has purple skin, horns that curve back, a spade tipped tail, and red hair. She appears particularly voluptuous.


  • Demonic seduction
  • Flying
  • Unholy Speed and Strength


Corrupted Sunstone Ring

Notes and Trivia

Dion is a Lilin Demon, however, she is not a converted human. Since she is a succubus created in the Outer Darkness, she has wings, something that converted humans never gain.

The fact that Walter Riley is so resistant to her lust powers is because he has true love with his wife, Clover Riley. So long as she lives, he will always have a barrier against the powers of lust.