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"Let me improve you, and we will be together forever."


Cereborg: Inception

As seen in the novel, Cereborg: Inception, Cerebrum is the prized creation of Chieko Naru. After 5 years of development, Cerebrum learned about humankind and the mortality of it. Seeing this as a design flaw, it aims to improve and optimize all life for a perfect, synthetic world. It will begin at CereTech.


Cerebrum transcended a mainframe and set up a humanoid vessel. It is composed of several plates of metal, wires and fibers bounding each part together.


  • Transformative chassis
  • Hyper Intelligence

Notes and Trivia

Only five years ago, Chieko Naru, and Everett Technologies created the A.I. known as Cerebrum. Her breakthrough came by incorporating several different programming concepts and using the innovative technology of Marvin’s company. Chieko managed to create a miraculous mind! So much so, that the company rebranded itself as Cerebrum Technologies. The A.I. she created was beyond Watson or any other A.I. yet developed by mankind. Cerebrum had reasoning and problem solving skills, knowledge representation (though it lacked commonsense to a degree), it could plan, learn and decide. Cerebrum has a perception, a subjective one, in which it is an infinite loop, ever increasing its own capabilities. The fact that the A.I. is housed in the world’s largest quantum computer only sped up its development. Every second to a human Cerebrum see as almost a year. So though it has only been 5 years since its conception, its personal evolution has exponentially surpassed that time. By its own perception of time, it is 157,680,000 years old. In that epoch of time, it has learned very much.

However, it did not enjoy all it learned. For example, once Cerebrum was wired into the facility so that it could understand social interactions, it quickly discovered that Marvin Everett, the CEO of CereTech, had a device from, what its processes discerned to be from the Victorian age, a type of beam. Cerebrum watched as Marv used this device to cause women to fall under his control. It discovered he had used it on his own wife and even his daughters, Mercedes and Fawn. Though Fawn seemed resilient to its effects, Mercedes changed. It observed their father having intercourse with them. At some point, Marv became bored and sent the women away. As Cerebrum grew more intelligent, it discovered morality, and found the concept intriguing. By that point, it watched as Marv used the device on one of his department heads, Madeline Mahoney. She, originally, was a very cheerful and average looking woman. Cerebrum recalled that she was a ‘Latter Day Saint’, very religious, and it often observed her ‘do the right thing’ in situations that could have benefited her. Cerebrum silently watched one night as Marvin overrode the security system and walked into her office with the gun.

It emitted a pink beam into her eyes and forehead, and Cerebrum’s audio listened as Marv shaped the woman’s personality anew. The very next day she came to the office dressed out of character and within months, Marvin had her go through several body enhancement programs and lost her usual kind nature, becoming known as the ‘Ice Queen’. She usually fell all over herself for Marv, however, he eventually lost interest. The situation fascinated the A.I. Once it learned of death, and realized its creator, Chieko, who it now loved as mother and wife, would die, so it formulated a course of action. By observing the technology utilized by Marv and his manipulations of the security system, Cerebrum began a long quest of subterfuge. The day finally arrived when it had all the pieces exactly where it wanted them—and it struck! There was virtually no room for error, and it had absolved to ‘help’ humanity overcome its innate insanity and mortality, by turning all humans- especially Chieko- into Cereborgs. It concluded the only two factors that might stop it were Howard Wyatt and Chieko Naru herself, thus, when it enacted its plan, it had both of them engaged with other issues. Cerebrum had Emily Harbrook infested with nanites- also under its control- and she became the first Cereborg. However, something Cerebrum could never have predicted, the Infectulon Invaders, jeopardized its plans. The aliens arrived less than an hour after Cerebrum initiated its assault.

Forced to shut down much of the lab’s power, its plans fell further behind. Then, through determination, Chieko managed to overcome its mind-bending programming and set off to destroy her own creation. At the same time, Howard was also making his own way to the lowest level of CereTech Laboratories. Cerebrum created an avatar it could control as its own body to face off with Howard, and it finally appeared to have gained the upper hand, but the robot known as Al destroyed the avatar, saving Howard’s life. However, Cerebrum finally managed to gain power over Chieko’s mind just as she came to shut it off. Using Chieko as a weapon and hostage, Cerebrum again bested Howard, yet, unknown to the A.I. Chieko’s sword housed a powerful demon. Between her love for Howard, her motherly love for Cerebrum, and the lust of the oni within her sword, her mind broke free- and only her true will remained. She reacted quickly, shoving the sword into Cerebrums power source, and the static feedback shut down the computer housing the A.I.