Infectulon Invaders

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Infectulon Invaders

"We control this host. We command, it obeys."


The Infectulon Invaders are an alien faction, headed by the Over-Master. Their intent is consumption of all life.

Invader Types

  • Over-Mind
  • Hybrids
  • Infected
  • Mutants
  • Unidentified

Infectulon Constructs

  • Spore Pods - Purple pods, moved around by the worker caste (the Slugged). These emit spores, converting material into Spore Spitters
  • Invasion Pods - Storage unit for bugs to crawl out

Unit Types

Brain Bugs

Some hapless humans were intelligent enough to elude the slugs, spores, and spiders! Unfortunately (or maybe not), they were unable to avoid the brain bugs! The brain bugs are plump, squishy insects with a black, shiny exoskeleton that only covers the head and six stubby legs. Unlike bugs on Earth, they reproduce asexually. Though slow, they are unrelenting, and will pursue prey until it ends up cornered and swarmed. The brain bugs have a green, smooth body composed of a thin almost gelatinous membrane, inside which squirms dozens of offspring! Spider soldiers use them as a food source. When large prey are unavailable, the soldiers will simply pluck these bugs off the carriers they crawl on, then suck the protein rich gel from within. The Over-Master created the brain bugs to be a portable food source for their soldier armies. They and their larvae are intentionally blind to any Invader species. In fact, they “see” brain wave and brain activity. Once a brain bug has sensed an active, non-alien brain, it will simply walk in that direction. The more intelligent the person is- the more attractive the prey they are! The little bugs will scuttle and wobble up walls, through holes, and on ceilings, dropping onto their victims. It is at this point, their reproductive cycle begins. Brian bugs are little more than self-sustaining food rations. Teaming with offspring created by asexual processes, the brain bug will latch onto a target with their short, but powerful legs, and extend a proboscis that is a wide, hollow syringe. Through this mouthpart, they release their larvae into a host, where their children hone in on and consume brain material first. They are programmed through DNA to not render a host worthless; rather, the female human becomes docile. The larvae will then wiggle under the skin and drink the blood of the host. All these nutrients and calories are stored, until it is ready to undergo metamorphosis and become a brain bug. The human females become walking trees bearing bug fruit for any Invader needing sustenance, and will they, themselves, eat the bugs crawling on them!


The bugs are spider-like creatures that hiss, shriek, and cackle as they clatter along chasing prey. Unlike Earth’s spiders, these are very large, and have an exoskeleton capable of withstanding Earth’s gravity. With a very calculating, sentient mind, and the ability to spin vast, virtually unbreakable webs, these are fearsome foes! The bugs have black, deep eyes. If a human looks into their eyes, they can hypnotize them, turning them into willing prey. They can infect humans with their massive poisoned fangs, giving the humans mutant abilities and adaptations. Most are random mutations, but they all share the abyssal eyes. Besides the hypnotic eyes, the bugs (and even some of their newfound victims) have large, venomous fangs. The fangs drip neurotoxins and contain DNA altering viruses that have the ability to change the actual structure of a host’s cells, causing the multitude of adaptations found among the female victims. The male spider hybrids are killed after copulation. The spiders cannot lay eggs and reproduce on their own; however, the infected humans can mate, then birth more bugs! These females will first web a free person, and then hypnotize their helpless prey, and if male, will rape the (now willing) victim repeatedly, milking the semen many times, after which, they drain the male of all fluids, and the husk is discarded from the web. If they catch a female human, they will envenom her, creating more of their kind. The bugs make up the soldier caste. They are constantly on the prowl, looking for prey. Their mutations make them exceptionally lethal, and their cold logic make them very dangerous, but their most terrifying trait is that they retain the entire mind of whom they were. They become twisted, dark versions of who they had been, yet are unwaveringly loyal to The Invaders. They will use deception, subterfuge, and coercion in order to propagate and serve.


Chiropterrors are unnatural biological monstrosities developed by the Infectulons. When they first landed on the Earth, they had little idea of what to expect. Though they had sent, more than once, small invasions in the form of what would have looked like a meteor, whatever those advance scouts had found managed to eliminate them. Thus, it was assumed that life on Earth must be strong. This was confirmed as the Over-Master’s unseen eye gazed at the small light in the distant space. It could feel and sense dark powers, some beyond its ability to recall, and it assembled most of the entire swarm of infectulons to assault the Earth. Upon arrival, their basic soldier breeds managed to overtake and subdue a majority of Earth’s population without much resistance. The Over-Master grew confused, for the creatures known as humans relied on primitive technology rather than superior bionics. Where it had hypothesized a world of monsters dwelled, the reality proved the humans to be nothing.

Then the darker forces of Earth crept from the shadows. As the infectulon genetic viruses and minions spread across the globe, they ultimately encountered the home-grown horrors of this planet. The chiropterrors are a result of the infectulons mixing their own base genetic codes with that of Earth’s vampires. These winged bat-like aliens often do hide in dark places and caves, but under the will of the Over-Master, swarms of them will take flight to perform hit and runs on human resistant movements. The reason is that, like a vampire, the creature bites and injects their genetic coding into humans creating new alien hybrid slaves. What’s more, the creatures can even land on fleeing humans or have their newly converted slaves allow the aliens to attach themselves to the hosts. Tendrils work themselves into the brains of these hosts and they become little more than puppets when the chiropterrors ride them.


The Invaders have absorbed countless species of life across a multitude of worlds. Whatever the Over-Master deems worth keeping is incorporated into the collective, and whatever is deemed irrelevant is simply consumed into biological material to be used as needed. Whereas many other sentient life forms either conquer a world or inhabit it for the natural resources such as minerals, the Invaders care only for organic life. Their ships, technology, and populace are created from and fueled by biological matter. Before coming to Earth, just over 500 years ago, they came across the planet humans named Kepler-186f. The world teemed with life, and they found a highly advanced civilization. The sun was a red dwarf, which means it was dimmer than that of the Earth’s, and a majority of the species developed large black eyes allowing them to see in much darker light. They had bulbous heads and frail, thin bodies. Their flesh ranged from a pale green to gray, but they had lost the ability to reproduce except by cloning. Their species were at the level humanity currently holds, during the period humans call the Paleozoic Era. Thus for the last 300 million years or so, these people continued physically evolving, until, by evolution and technological means, they no longer had genders.

Though their civilization thrived for such an incredible time span, their shields and weapons proved no match against the biological forces of the Invaders. Indeed, these peoples had fought against countless other alien species over the course of their evolution, but all other attackers were also based on the foundation of technology. Instead, the Invaders annihilated them and consumed all life on the planet. The Overmaster deemed the cloning techniques suitable for integration into the collective hive, and the process was refined. Thus, the ‘Clone’ species was created. They have mottled blue flesh, and their eyes are based on that of their progenitors. The Clones are created in vast gooey pits of a primordial soup, and the Invaders create them because once they absorb the DNA of a life form, they are able to manipulate their own bodies to mimic that creature to an almost perfect degree. If the Over-Master finds a worthy creature, it will have the Clones replicate into the entity, and then use them to defeat the species it comes from. The Clones are able to absorb every detail of the person. The Clones maintain their general characteristics such as the black eyes and the blue flesh. The Over-Master has found strong pockets of resistance among humanity, and the Over-Master has sanctioned Splicers to create a few thousand Clones in order to replicate those humans that prove the most resourceful. However, the species of alien they are based on did have some settlements on other worlds and exploration missions. The Over-Master, of course, tore the knowledge from the minds of their comrades on Kepler-186f, but it could not track them all. These ‘Gray’s as human’s have named them, have even been to the Earth. They now watch from the shadows, unable to help mankind, as they wait for the right moment to end the seemingly infinite reign of the Over-Master and destroy his corrupt minions from the galaxy!


The Invaders have means of subterfuge, the Decoys, which are the creatures the Invaders are invading, but housing a mind-altering symbiote of the Invaders. The reason Decoys alone are not used in mass subterfuge, is that an entire army of clones can be made from one person, whereas a Decoy is only that one person, but a complete slave to the swarm collective.


As the Over-Master ravaged the Earth in an attempt to overrun humanity, as with all previous worlds, new concepts and possibilities fell into view. It discovered that some humans had an empathic/psychic ability. This allowed them to feel the emotions and emanations of the other humans around them. Emotions were already a new concept to the Over-Master, and it spent time trying to comprehend the strange evolutionary trait. Emotions helped mammalian species survive by causing attachment to others of its species. It found that most humans had some level of emotional state, but finding these ‘psychics’ speckled across the world caused the Over-Master to delve into a possible use for the collective- and it determined something. Emotions were waves of a type of energy, similar, but inherently different from those it uses. Looking across Earth, it found a woman that was about to be assimilated by a Minder, and it called out. The Minder ceased its pursuit, and the Over-Master cornered the girl. It gave her an ultimatum through a Minded spokesman- submit and be allowed to retain herself and her mind, or resist and be killed. The Over-Master had found humans shared an emotion called ‘fear’, and that a vast majority appeared to fear death over all other things. Using this as a bargaining chip, it much more often than not, resulted in a gain for the Invaders.

The woman, whose name it found to be Daydream Sunflower, was brought to Splicers for study. The aliens picked through her DNA, and they managed to create a schematic for an improved version of the human. As Daydream screamed and writhed in agony, the Splicers took their time plucking and editing every cell of her body on a molecular level, until Daydream no longer screamed- she mewled in pleasureful servitude. When she arose, she had become a bluish-greened skinned monstrosity, the first Defiler. Using her as a model, Splicers all over the Earth oversaw the capture and reformation of psychic humans. A Defiler naturally drains the souls and emotions of those around it- while replacing it with the feelings and thoughts the Defiler wants the humans to feel or share. Physical contact can instantly overcome most human minds, and as a human falls further under the Defiler’s influence, just as their emotions mimic the emanations of the Defiler, their flesh follows suit, and they become alien thralls. They share the same skin tone with their masters, but do not have the facial carapace or antennae. However, by that point, they are completely enthralled, and the antenna on their Defiler master’s head sends them orders telepathically. As a weapon, the carapace covering the Defiler’s eyes had been developed by the Splicers to hold back the massive psychic storm roiling within their skulls. The Defiler can choose when to slightly move the under carapace, sliding it out of the way, which causes a multitude of telekinetic beams which, if seen by a human, will wipe their entire mind out, leaving only a drool vegetable in their wake. On any kind of electronic device or synthetic life form, it will short circuit and likely explode. The Defilers are few in number, but relish their newfound power at the servitude of the Invaders!


The Minders, without doubt, are the single most terrifying life form in the entire Cosmos (a vastly bold, but true claim). Virtually nothing substantial is known about the enigmatic creatures. Some have speculated that they are most likely inter-dimensional, and not “of this world.” Though their constitution appears biological, highly adaptive, and able to bond with any known element yet discovered, they have a sensory organ, reminiscent of an eye, which can apparently see in every vibratory spectrum. This “eye” can see not only brain waves for example, but can then take that data and interpret it instantaneously into a working model. Just as human eyes can see some wave lengths of electromagnetic radiation (light/color), these Minders see every known particle, wave, and possibly spectrums of sensation that humans have yet to discover or can conceive of.

As mentioned before these aliens have the uncanny and horrific ability to bond with any known element. It can insinuate itself into the flesh of a human being (carbon based), but could as easily bond with a life form that was silicon based, or based upon any other molecular pattern. The “flesh” of the organism itself is unfathomable. The instant any “piece” of a specimen is removed from the “main body”- it ceases to exist in our reality at all. When killed, the Minder or its host body, also simply, and instantaneously cease to exist. They do not appear to be made of anything, defying the very foundation of physics. Their “dark matter” makeup, along with the insidious ability to fuse with any matter, again causes questions of their origins. They are utterly incomprehensible. The final, and most dangerous, ability of these seemingly unnatural aberrations is that they can form some type of unseen mental link without physical contact, or even the awareness of a human victim. Much like a computer virus, the Minder can take data already contained in any individual (personality, beliefs, opinions, or memories) and with absolute frightening precision; they can manipulate and change these even to polar opposites! This link strengthens as a Minder comes into closer proxy with its prey, and on an interesting side note, a Minder can only form a link with one individual, one time. In other words, once a Minder has a mental connection, it seems to be intense, singular, and specific, or to use an odd word, monogamous. That Minder can never connect to another individual and no other Minder can connect to the prior victim ever again.


The “slugs” (as is the term given to the slimy, leech-like aliens,) are not the slow slugs of Earth. Rather, they are generally greenish creatures which can slither at very fast rates. It is terribly difficult for a human to outrun the slugs. However, they are very soft and fleshy, and are easily smashed or stomped on, but not easily stopped. The slugs are covered in a viscous slime. There are two types of the stuff. One is clear, syrupy, and can be found on the carriers as well as the slugs, but the bioluminescent green slime is a drug cocktail, specifically designed for human anatomy- essentially, it is DMT.

The substance has immediate physiological effects on the victim. Even small amounts on the skin of a human, causes extreme sexual arousal. The human stops panicking, begins feeling incredibly good, and their sexual needs override any logical thinking. As more of the slime contaminates the human’s skin, or if any enters the body, it is over for the human victim. The female will spread her legs lewdly, and welcome her invaders into her body or the men will open their mouths, and the slug will begin a metamorphosis within its new host!

The slug will entwine itself and fuse with the host’s nervous system very quickly, and there is no way to remove it at that point. The new host has incredible strength without the ability to feel pain or fear, and will either seek victims to help other slugs find hosts, or will find warm, humid places to pupate, and then the human changes into a green skinned servant of the Invaders. These slug zombies are often referred to as “slug sluts” by the free humans still hiding in New York City. They make up the backbone of the invasion, and are the worker caste. They are tasked with manual labor, and no longer even require rest. Based on the current needs of the Minders, the female humans can also become “brood mothers” which are nothing but vessels that mate and reproduce more slugs to increase productivity for the entire invasion!


There is an Invader alien species called the ‘Splicers’. Splicers already had an almost perfect grasp of DNA sequencing and combining, even being able to manipulate troops in the field.

Spore Spitters

These were once human females, but they were able to elude the insidious slugs! Unfortunately (or maybe not), they were unable to avoid being sprayed with spores! The spores are innumerable microscopic creatures, which enter a host, and in small amounts, will render it completely submissive and suggestive. However, when a human is sprayed by a pod or a Spore Slave, the reaction is quite different. The human ceases to be, replaced by a spore colony. The spores are individual minds that together make a holy colony. They are light and easily travel through air. Their bodies consist of a central stalk and tendrils that can be used to interlock, forming bonds on a molecular level beyond anything humanity has invented.

Like most fungus, they form an interlocking single entity of millions of individual minds. The human face and mouth, deemed inefficient by the Minders, are reconfigured into lamellae, more or less, spore spitters, and her mammary glands become mouth-like appendages able to spray great quantities of spores at any time! These spore colonies are often referred to as “spore sluts” by the free humans still hiding in New York City. As the once human females will first intoxicate a free person, and if male, will rape the (now willing) victim repeatedly, using virtually every sperm cell as a new and future spore, then they will excrete acid, and suck up the puddle that was once their former lover. If they are able to spray a female human, they will either lead them into a hive zone to be converted into whatever slave flesh is required. However, the main function of spore carriers is a building caste. The tiny spores have very changeable DNA structures, and work together as nanites to build the organic structures in which The Invaders dwell.

Notable Infectulons

The Over-Master







Works Present In

Slugs and Bugs: Invasion

In Slugs and Bugs: Invasion, the Invaders are alien creatures whom have begun to invade Earth. With the focus being on the Erebus Building in New York City, they have creatures to overwhelm the population, and even convert some to their cause.