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Purgatory is the first frequency of the Outer Darkness, and exists just below the Physical World. Just as the Dreamlands are the place that the living go when they sleep, Purgatory is the place the dead go when they sleep. Most of these sleeping dead are often confused, muddled souls. While, they, themselves, will be mostly invisible to those in the realm of the living, the effect of their behaviors in their phantom dream state can be witnessed. They may haunt their old house, unaware or vaguely aware that mortals live there. They may not even realize that they have died and are dead. If a denizen of Purgatory opens a door or a cabinet in their dead dream, they may be actually opening the door or cabinet in the corporeal world, and this tends to scare the living that witnesses it. Many ghosts haunt this plane, and some, known as residual hauntings, will continue reliving the same actions, caught in a spiritual dream or nightmare, unaware of the living around them. Conversely, there also dwell souls here aware that they are dead, and they go to length to ensure the living are harassed.

Notable Purgatory Locations

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Purgatory Spirits