Weasel (Timothy Barclay)

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Name Timothy "Weasel" Barclay
Race Human
Type Goon
Faction Haunted
Premiere Phantom: Revenge
Relative(s) None Applicable

Timothy "Weasel" Barclay

"D-d-d-oc... do you see... see that?"


Pre-Phantom: Revenge

Tim was born in Canada, and lived a normal life. He grew up in a small town and was never known for his intelligence. What he was, however, known for was his ability to get away with anything he wanted. He started with deception as a child, and often blamed siblings for mistakes he made. Once he mastered the art of tricking his parents, in his teens, he often stole from stores. If security managed to catch him, he would talk his way out of it, or more often, he managed to escape the pursuers. In the less savory places in town, they called him Weasel, and by adulthood, no one in the small town had any trust for him. Weasel moved to the United States, and never imagined he would end up part of a huge criminal syndicate. He did not do much in way of drugs, though he occasionally smoked pot to get high or help him sleep. He just happened to be at Doc’s one night buying marijuana when the two heard commotion in the alley.

Doc did not want to get involved, but curiosity piqued in Weasel, and the two investigated. They found Dagan Erebus raping a woman and she pleaded for help. In that moment, Weasel’s lifelong rape fantasies were played out right in front of him. He had never acted on them, but seeing this happening excited him almost instantly. Dagan offered the two sloppy seconds if they would not intervene, and though Doc, a terrible drug dealer, actually almost stopped Dagan, Weasel managed to talk him out of it. Weasel watched amazed as Dagan walked away from his victim, and she rose to her feet. Instead of screaming and running, she walked towards the boys. He and Doc used the woman all night, and Weasel had never even had that much sex in his life. When Dagan offered to take the two on board, Weasel jumped at the chance. Occasionally, Dagan had his cursed victims visit Weasel, to keep the kid loyal, and it worked. Weasel is really a wimp, but he makes a good lookout, and has managed to elude police on many occasions working as a carrier for Dagan.

Phantom: Revenge

In Phantom: Revenge, Weasel is a goon of Dagan Erebus. Alongside Doc, he is able to resurrect Dagan after his execution. He then assists in the possession and corruption of Amelia Williams.


Weasel is a young, 22 year old male.


Weak Physical Attacks

Notes and Trivia

Weasel, along with the other goons, do not appear in the non-canonical faction based games.