Akamanian Demons

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Akamanian Demons

"When you die, my master will enjoy devouring your soul- just as he did my own."


The Akamanian Demons are a demon faction, headed by Aka Manah. He and the rest of these demons formed from the darkest, most depraved thoughts of humanity. Their intent is the consumption of souls, and total worship of Aka Manah. They do this by inspiring dark thoughts within humans. They also seek revenge and destruction on Dagan Erebus.

Akamanian Types

  • Cultist

Akamanian Locations

Unit Types


Aka Manah is able to swallow the soul of his victims. This results in a grayed, puppet like creature who acts entirely on Aka Manah's will. Following his orders, they become his Earthly cultists.

Notable Akamanian



Before Dagan Erebus broke his contract, he had bound many to Aka Manah's will. With their soul gone, they became puppet like cultists, devoted to Aka Manah. They have weak physical attacks, but can use their normal influence in his name. Though Dagan broke his contract, the people he bound are still controlled by Aka Manah.


Phantom: Revenge

In Phantom: Revenge, the Akamanian demons are represented by the exploits of Aka Manah. Dagan Erebus made a deal with Aka Manah, to be able to sexually take advantage of any woman he wanted and have her under his control. He sold his soul for this power. He then breaks the contract, escaping Aka Manah as a phantom. Aka Manah swore revenge on him.