Ophidian Demons

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Ophidian Demons

"Yessss... now you are worthy! You are no longer prey- you are a predator."


The Ophidian Demons are a demon faction, headed by Ophion. Their intent is to return to the Earth, and start an everlasting empire. They are serpentine in nature, and have snakelike hybrids as their demons.

Ophidian Types

  • Ophidian Demon

Unit Types

Ophidian Demon

Ophidian Demons are snake-like creatures, who have the power of hypnosis. This hypnosis will instill a submissiveness in their victim, and have the victim feel like prey. They have long blue tongues, and their bite can transform their victim into a new demon.

Notable Ophidian



Slugs and Bugs: Invasion

In Slugs and Bugs: Invasion, Justine Day has a dream where she is hypnotized and transformed by an Ophidian Demon.