Lilin Demons

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Lilin Demons

"Mmm... such a nice, rich soul you have, darling girl."


The Lilin Demons are a demon faction, headed by Lilith. Their intent is the corruption of all life and to provide a foothold to rule. They are born from Lilith, who spawned in the Outer Darkness as a result of humanity's concept of lust and sexual urges. Because of their origin, all Lilin demons are able to manipulate the lust of their victims.

Lilin Types

  • Incubus
  • Succubus

Lilin Locations

  • Las Vegas, Nevada: Under the leadership of Dionyza

Unit Types

Of both succubi and incubi, there are several variations, each meant to satisfy a particular sexual urge or kink.


The succubi feed off sexual energy. Seen as highly sexualized caricatures of women, these voluptuous vixens use sexual magic to acquire their wants. Succubi are incredibly strong, able to mold into society with ease.


The incubi are the male version of the succubi, feeding off sexual energy of their partners. They too have access to sexual magic, and have capability of blending into society and appearing attractive to any target.

Notable Lilin





Of Sex and Souls: Noir Nights

In Of Sex and Souls: Noir Nights, the Lilin demons are represented by the exploits of Dionyza, as she chases after Walter Riley.

Cereborg: Inception

In Cereborg: Inception, the perspective of Emily Harbrook shows an encounter she had with Dionyza. As a singer, Emily saw Dionyza and was brought under her gaze, acting more and more lewd to the audience. Her sexuality became warped, upturning her entire life.