Coven of Yaga

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Coven of Yaga

"Thought you’d fight me and that you’d win, but lost your mind and pretty skin! Hee hee hee!"


The Coven of Yaga are a human faction, headed by Baba Yaga. They are a monstrous faction, looking at prolonging the life of Baba Yaga through the consumption of children's souls and bolstering their ranks.

Coven Locations


A small town in Russia where Baba Yaga's original magical hut was found. It was burned to the ground by Katerina Mordova.

Forest Park

A national park by Portland, where Baba Yaga has moved her coven. It is the location of the Forest Hunt.

Coven Constructs

Baba Brew

The Baba Brew is an alchemical concoction made up by Baba Yaga. Drinking even one vial is enough to transform the imbiber into a plague witch, turned into a model of physical perfection as seen by Baba Yaga. The hair turns black and the skin green, as each coven sister looks just like the last.

Unit Types

Plague Witches

Plague Witches are green witches, specialized in toxic concoctions. They have access to Plague Magic, as well as the transformative power of the Baba Brew. They are modeled in Baba Yaga's image, each one looking like that last.

Notable Coven of Yaga



Desideratum: Blood Bonds

In Desideratum: Blood Bonds, Baba Yaga is the final boss of the Forest Hunt. Her witches have corrupted the forest, turning the lands marshy as her house is approached. Her coven can be fought as a unit, and she makes up the final fight alongside a hypnotized Katerina Mordova. She disappears into a cloud of black smoke after her defeat by Absinthe Van Gothen.