Shadow People

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Name Shadow People
Race Undead
Type Shadowlander
Faction Shadowed
Premiere The Anax: Call of the Cursed One
Relative(s) None Applicable

The Shadowed are a faction of the Outer Darkness, a dimension rife with unholy, dark aberrations. The Anax leads these creatures after he takes away their free will, minds, and souls. They are mostly found in the vibratory dimension of the Outer Darkness known as the Shadowlands, the lowest frequency of existence itself. In most cases, the victims (either corporeal or incorporeal) become twisted, evil versions of their old selves, retaining whatever knowledge they once held. However, in cases of phobia, the afflicted become mockeries of their intense fears. Thus, turning their fears into a strength and perverse joy.

Shadow People are shadowed primarily converted in the frequencies of the Outer Darkness. There, in these evil realms of spirit, lurk souls that have done foul things in the Physical World, tainting their spiritual vibrations and causing them to exist in the hellish planes. The Anax seeks the souls of the living, but usually has only Halloween night to collect souls from the mortal plane. However, in the Shadowlands, he spends all his time, lording over the Shadowed. His minions constantly seek out other spirits of that particular realm and those above it in the Outer Darkness, and fight them in order to add them to the faction. Shadow people are such beings.

Generally forged from the lost souls off the dimension known as the Underworld, they are cruel in nature. Lanky, they are shadow itself but for their eyes and occasionally their mouths. They instill instant dread in mortals that encounter them and are one of the favored tools the Anax employs in the Physical World when he can. Shadow people cannot harm the physical body because even in the Physical World they are incorporeal, however, they can scare someone to death or drain them dry of energy and once the victim dies, the shadow people can claim that poor soul before it can escape to the Inner Light, ripping it and filling it with shadowy malice.