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Demons are a race present in the Anaxverse. They span multiple novels and factions. They usually achieve their power through some greater being. They can be physically powerful, magically powerful, or even sexually powerful.

Factions of Demons

The list of demon factions are:

Alignment and Types

Demons are usually an evil race. This is not due to an inherent nature of being evil, but more from the fact they are so much more powerful than humans and they tend to corrupt the latter. They are consistently hunted by the Bureau of Demonic Analysis. The four main factions of demons have several types of demons within them.

Akamanian Demons

These demons are led by Aka Manah. These demons gain power through the dark thoughts of humanity and are usually a red hue. They appear as the stereotypical image of classic devils. A list of Akamanian Demons are currently unavailable.

Lilin Demons

These demons are led by Lilith. These are sexualized demons, and find ways to corrupt and transform their victims. A prominent member of this group of demons is Dionyza. The types of Lilin Demons are as follows:

Nergalian Demons

These demons are led by Nergal. They are heavily corrupted demons, spreading plague and disease where they go. The types of Nergalian Demons are as follows:

Ophidian Demons

These demons are led by Ophion. They create visages akin to snakes, and have been a ruling force far back in history. A list of Ophidian Demons are currently unavailable.